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Remembrance Day: Panama, screening of “Il Giudice dei Giusti”

“Il Giudice dei Giusti”, the television docufilm directed by Enrico Marchese and co-written by Gabriele Nissim and Emanuela Audisio, was screened in Panama at the proposal of the Italian Embassy to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022. The screening, which was hosted at Panama’s Foreign Ministry, was organised in partnership with the Israeli Embassy and with the local United Nations headquarters and was attended by representatives of the Panamanian world of culture and of the Jewish community.

At the event, Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Nicoletti thanked the Israeli Embassy and the United Nations for having wanted to co-celebrate the remembrance of the Holocaust and for choosing an Italian docufilm to keep the memory of the atrocities of the past alive, also for young generations, so that similar barbarities may never again be committed.

The docufilm, winner of the Ilaria Alpi (2003) Critics Award and produced by 3D Produzioni, retraces the life of Moshe Bejski, a survivor of the Shoah who, after moving to Israel and having been appointed a Supreme Court Justice, during his long career contributed to identify the “Righteous Among the Nations”: non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Shoah. The docufilm narrates the cases that Bejski deemed to be the most interesting, “proof that, even in a context of evil and wickedness, many ordinary people did not shirk the responsibility of acting for the good”.

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