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“Magister Raffaello” exhibition opening on 11 January in Belo Horizonte

Mostra Magister Raffaello dall’11 gennaio a Belo Horizonte
Mostra Magister Raffaello dall'11 gennaio a Belo Horizonte

The multimedia exhibition “Magister Raffaello”, organized on the 500th anniversary of Raphael Sanzio’s death, will be inaugurated tomorrow, 11 January, in Belo Horizonte, after the exhibition was presented in Sao Paulo. The event has been promoted by the Italian Consulate in Belo Horizonte and will be held at the Palacio das Artes until 27 February 2022.

Consul Dario Savarese said: “‘Magister Raffaello’ exhibition is part of the broad programme promoted by the Consulate in the past few years to enhance Italian art and culture. This initiative elevates the concepts of beauty and elegance of Raphael’s journey, a genius from the Renaissance. It is a digital immersion in our country’s cultural heritage, as well as a real invitation to consider new tourist routes in Italy.”

The exhibition, curated by Claudio Strinati and Federico Strinati, and realized in collaboration with Clóvis Salgado Foundation and Magister Art, takes visitors through an unprecedented virtual journey in Italian Renaissance, in the life and work of one of the greatest artists of all times. Innovative IT solutions allow the paintings from the 16th century to dialogue with the multimedia universe, and also make it possible to discover unreleased and revolutionary techniques used by the Italian painter. “Magister Raffaello” comprises six thematic areas. On the large screens, multimedia content presents Raphael’s works. Visitors are taken through a journey that retraces the artist’s human and professional growth, to discover the cities where he lived and the works he created.

Information, texts, videos and audio on Raphael are available in Portuguese, Italian and English, by downloading a dedicated app on your smartphone.

The exhibition also offers an educational path for young people and students. The exhibition, free of charge, is a way for the Italian Consulate in Belo Horizonte to confirm and strengthen the commitment to enhance culture as a means of promotion, and Italy’s soft power in Minas Gerais.

For more info on the exhibition, please click on the Consulate website.