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Addis Ababa, theatre premiere of “Album di famiglia”

In collaboration with Addis Ababa University and the Ethiopian National Theatre, the Italian Cultural Institute of Addis Ababa presents the theatre show “Album di Famiglia. Storia di una famiglia etiope non convenzionale” (Family Album. A funny story of an unusual Ethiopian family).

The original, non-verbal play staged by director Matteo Spiazzi with young Ethiopian actors is a joint theatrical project that tells the inside story of an Ethiopian family. The space consists in the scenic synthesis of a flat where three generations live together. The show is thus intended to provide a fresco, or rather a family album, where comedy alternates with emotionally profound and poetic moments that speak to us of the constant flow of life.

What makes the show special is the non-use of verbal language. In the performance, some Commedia dell’arte masks transposed into modern characters are also used in a contemporary way, offering the actors the possibility of interpreting character universes very different from their own. The performers are professional Ethiopian actors and undergraduates from Addis Ababa University – College of Performing and Visual Arts.

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