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Acknowledgement of maternity or paternity

Acknowledgement of maternity or paternity of a child usually results from the foreign birth certificate to be registered in Italy (see Birth section). (v. sezione Nascita).

It may also be contained, however, in a separate deed, drawn up after the birth, with the local Civil Registrar or a notary public.

To be valid in Italy, the acknowledgement made abroad – in accordance with the local legislation – shall comply with the terms and conditions laid down by the Italian legal system (Article 250 et seq. of the Civil Code) and shall be contained in a deed duly legalised and translated into Italian (see the section Translation and Legalisation of Documents) (v. sezione Traduzione e Legalizzazione dei documenti).

If the foreign acknowledgement, resulting from the birth certificate or from a separate deed, does not comply with the requirements laid down by the aforementioned regulations, the acknowledgement of maternity or paternity of a child shall be made at the competent Consular Office with an ad hoc report that shall supplement the birth certificate to be registered.

Acknowledgement of maternity or paternity of a child may also result from a foreign judgment which, if it meets the requirements of Law No. 218/1995, may be recognised in Italy.