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Foreign researcher mobility

Who may apply?

Foreign researchers taking part in a research team of Mobility Projects scheduled by the Executive Programmes of Scientific and Technological Cooperation.

How to apply?

In order to obtain the allowance for research visit in Italy, foreign researchers are requested to apply on-line to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Direzione Generale per la Promozione del Sistema Paese – Unità per la Cooperazione Scientifica e Tecnologica. The application form is available at The whole procedure has to be completed on-line.

When to apply?

Applications may be submitted from January 15th until October 31st . The application must be submitted at least 35 days before the scheduled research visit.

When is it possible to travel?

For administrative reasons research visits can take place only after March 10th and must end by December 31st.

Which documents and data are needed?

As specified in the on-line application, the following data are required:

  • Project’s code
  • Researcher’s personal data and project’s details
  • Letter of invitation by the Italian project coordinator mentioning the dates of the research visit (uploaded as pdf file)
  • Authorisation of the foreign coordinator (if the applying person is not the project coordinator)
  • Researcher’s CV
  • Short programme of the activities planned during the research visit

Important note: the researcher’s personal data (name, last name, date and place of birth, nationality) must be complete as they appear on the passport/I.D. that the researcher will carry when travelling to Italy.

How many research visits is it possible to realize and how long may they last?

The number of research visits allowed per year, the length of the stay in Italy, the allowance for researchers and general provisions for research exchange visits are established by each Executive Programme (

There are two different kinds of research visit: short-term stay (up to 10 days) and long-term stay (30 days).The applicant will specify the number of days and the date of beginning of his stay.Long-term stays are allowed only for 30 days.

How do you learn whether the application has been approved?

The applications are approved according to the availability of funds. The successful applicants will receive by e-mail, about one month before the starting date of the visit, a letter of authorization to the research visit. If a Visa is requested to entry Italy, the letter of authorization may be used to obtain it.

How much is it the researcher’s allowance and how do you collect the money?

As stated in the letter of authorization, the researcher’s allowance amounts to 93 Euro per day for short-term stays (with a maximum of 930 euro) and to 1300 Euro for long-term stays. Researchers can collect their visit allowance at the nearest Tesoreria Provinciale (local branch of the Banca d’Italia). To receive the money a valid I.D. is required.

Further information.

For further information about the application please send an e.mail to the following address:

What must be done at the end of the research visit?

Unless otherwise stated in the relevant Programme, the researcher must send a report about the activity carried out within 15 days after the end of the research visit. The report, as a pdf file, must be sent by e-mail to Failure to send the report will bar any further application, within the same project, during the following year.