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Engaging as a Peacekeeper

In “hot” regions, there is a growing need to complement blue helmets and military forces with civilian personnel for peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. Through the UN, it is possible to apply to become a Peacekeeper. The functions and areas are varied. They range from election monitoring to emergency aid, from transport to logistics, from human resources management to legal and political affairs, from humanitarian assistance to communication and human rights.

Missions are normally of short duration (no more than one year). Aspiring peacekeepers should have a university degree and 4-5 years of professional experience in the field. Knowledge of English and/or French is necessary. Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian are also desirable. Ability to withstand harsh physical conditions and long working hours is required. Those selected undergo a thorough medical examination and must be available for deployment immediately. For most missions, travelling with family is not allowed. A mission allowance is provided.

The UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations frequently searches for the following profiles: security and air operations officers, building and infrastructure managers (engineers), local transport managers, finance experts, satellite communication technicians, purchasing and procurement managers, legal and contracting experts.

There are several training courses and university masters courses dedicated to Peacekeeping and Security Studies.


More information on UN vacancies

It is also possible to send a CV to the following address: United Nations Personnel Management and Support Service – Field Administration and Logistics Division – Department of Peace-keeping Operations S-2280 A, New York, NY 10017, USA.