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Alongside persistent areas of crisis, Sub-Saharan Africa has a growing range of opportunities linked to its significant economic potential in terms of natural resources, to its population’s young average age and to GDP average growth rates of over 5% per year in the pre-pandemic period. The continent’s economic potential, however, has not yet been fully tapped, and it is desirable to increasingly integrate Africa into the world economy, while respecting the needs and development plans of each local area.

The increasing attention necessarily paid to Africa by Italy and the rest of the world has prompted Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to draft the strategic document “Partnership with Africa”, which outlines the goals of Italy’s action, and contains clear operational guidelines on Italy’s multifaceted and articulate commitment, while defining Italy’s priorities in Africa.

The Sixth European Union-African Union Summit was held in Brussels on February, 17-18, 2022, and was an opportunity to lay the foundations for the renewal and deepening of the partnership between the two continents, based on mutual trust and common interests.