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HUMAN RIGHTS: UN condemns Syria, Terzi on Italy’s “solidarity with the Syrian people”

The United Nations Human Rights Council condemned the brutal repression in Syria. In a resolution approved in Geneva, and supported by Italy, the Council condemned Syrian authorities’ human rights violations and urged access by relief organisations to the civilian populations affected. The resolution, vetoed by Russia, China and Cuba, was promoted by Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.“We are looking at a possible humanitarian crisis”, she underscored. The ambassador recalled that this was not the first time that the UN Human Rights Council had debated the Syrian crisis. “Ten months after the first special session, the recent report by the inquiry committee confirmed that the serious and systematic violations of human rights have continued unceasingly as innocent civilians are made targets of indiscriminate attacks by the Syrian army and security forces”. The ambassador insisted that the defence of the Syrian people “must be guaranteed” and that, therefore, international humanitarian organisations had to be allowed to access the areas affected.

Under-Secretary Marta Dassù, responding to a motion in the Lower House, said that the “Syrian crisis, which could, in effect, be described as the Alawite regime’s war against a major portion of its own people, thus a civil war, is resulting in an unacceptable loss of human lives. This is what is being asserted by all credible international sources and what our own sources are reporting”.

Meanwhile, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and newly-appointed UN Special Envoy for Syria, said he was in contact with the region’s leaders and hoped to obtain permission to enter Syria as soon as possible”, while the foreign ministers of the six Gulf countries are planning to meet on 7 March in Riyadh to discuss developments in Syria.