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LONGITUDE: “Post-Qaeda – The next chapter of radical Islam”

Headlining the latest issue of “Longitude”, the geopolitical magazine under the direction of Pialuisa Bianco on newsstands as of 6 March, is the post-Qaeda evolution of Islamic extremist groups, (“Post-Qaeda – The next chapter of radical Islam”) and their influence on the nascent democracies of the Arab world. Other analyses include the economic and political consequences of demographic changes on the world’s society by Finland’s foreign minister Erkki Tumoioja, along with the Pope’s resignation and nuclear power in China.

The world’s “architecture”

In her editorial (“In the dancing house”), Director Pialuisa Bianco takes her cue from former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s idea that the world’s “architecture” needs to be rebuilt according to what Bianco calls a “fascinating” but “highly risky” criterion sustained by “deconstructivism”, where the US and Europe maintain “several fixed points” in their relations that have not so to do much with “economic values” as they do with the “common values” on which the Western world relies.