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South Korea is growing, and looking to Italy. A new frontier for Italian businesses

A webinar to illustrate opportunities in a country that’s looking to Italy

Business opportunities in South Korea were the topic of the third webinar in the “Internationalisation Just a Click Away” initiative conceived by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Emilia-Romagna branch of Unioncamere (chambers of commerce). The project aims to provide information and foster development  and growth opportunities using a method – webinars – that is both innovative and cost-effective. Webinars on internationalisation and business opportunities have already been staged for the Philippines and Indonesia, and on 23 May 2013 it was South Korea’s turn.
The webinar had two focal points. One, in Seoul, coordinated by the Italian Ambassador, Sergio Mercuri, and the other, in Rome, coordinated by the Directorate General for Country Promotion. Read more, in Italian.

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