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Italy- Latin America: a credible partner, more dialogue, says Giro

“With partners that have become more credible and assertive, Italy intends to deepen dialogue at all levels, both bilaterally and multilaterally – this latter being a context that promises important synergies, and we wish to take advantage of common cultural sensibilities in promoting targeted efforts in the areas of environmental protection, human rights and global economic governance”. Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs with the remit for Latin America and Southern Africa Mario Giro spoke at the Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar.

The 6th Conference on 12/12

The Under-Secretary recalled that the 6th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference would be held on 12/13 December in Rome, “an event to which we attribute great significance since it helps to ensure continuity in a relationship whose potential has still not been fully explored”. According to Giro, Italy and the countries of Latin America “have deep and widespread relations that we should take stock of from time to time”.

A “reawakening stage”

And today, as opposed to the EU, “Latin America is undergoing a phase of confidence in the future, and of political, social and economic reawakening”; but it is necessary “to avoid geographical distances becoming intellectual and cultural ones”. What happens in the region concerns us, because Latin America undeniably plays a major role in the European cultural map”, the Under-Secretary concluded.