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Diplomacy ‘On air’ – Relations with the media

Relations with the press and, more in general, with the media, including the new “social media”, have become an increasingly essential part of the work of diplomats.

For a profession that, by its very nature, is so heavily projected outward in its reach, and in a world that has become so dependent on the flow of real-time information, effective communication based on a relationship of mutual trust with the media has an impact on the effectiveness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ actions and brings added value also in terms of its interface with citizens.

Effective communication essential to diplomacy

It is therefore easy to understand how crucial diplomats’ relationship with the press is, particularly in the case of Italian nationals involved in crisis situations in foreign countries.

These topics will be the focus of the 22nd segment of “Diplomazia e Dintorni” on Tuesday 8 April at 21:00, during which host Stefano Baldi will interview Aldo Amati, Head of the Foreign Ministry Press Service and Pierangelo Cammarota, Head of the Secretariat of the Foreign Ministry Press Service.

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