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Forum PA: Brussels inter-administrative services centre wins award

The inter-administrative services centre (CIA) of Brussels won an award as a model for a successful solution in the “Smart public procurement” category. It was born of the challenge to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reconcile a diplomatic-consulate network working in the service of Italian geopolitical priorities, with the need for administrative rationalisation and reduced costs while continuing to ensure assistance to Italian citizens and businesses.

CIA activities

The CIA is tasked with coordinating foreign missions within a specific homogeneous area. The centre oversees “procurement” for the area in which it is authorised, coordinates administrative and accounting management for the mission and its personnel, and offers consulting, support and analysis. It also outlines uniform procedures and strengthens application of the norms regarding the digital administration, anti-corruption and transparency. The CIA of Brussels is the first in a series to be opened in the near future.

Coverage of six foreign missions in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg

The centre was set up in January 2014 and covers six missions in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg: 3 Embassies (Brussels, The Hague and Luxembourg), two permanent missions (to the EU and NATO), two Consulates General (Amsterdam and Charleroi) and three Italian Cultural Institutes (Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg). It negotiates conventions and framework contracts for the supply of goods and services. Among the most innovative elements is transnationality, i.e. the extension of the procurement market beyond State borders, which fosters competition and ensures optimal supply.