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Iraq: Mogherini at International Conference in Paris – ISIS – a threat that knows no borders. Urgent action needed

ISIS is “a global threat that knows no borders”. In Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini’s opinion, it is vital for the international community to act: on the military level but also, and above all, on the political and humanitarian levels. “We all agree on the need to act together and on the urgency of doing so”, said the Minister in Paris, where she is taking part in the international conference for peace and security in Iraq. About 30 countries are attending.

Common strategy

All those attending the Conference expressed their agreement on the goal to be pursued: “that of stopping a terrorist organisation that is creating victims first of all among Muslims, both Shiite and Sunni, but also among minorities”, explained Mogherini.

Minister Mogherini also commented on the international effort to widen the coalition with the presence of Arab countries and those with a Muslim majority. “What is needed is not just a military commitment but also, and above all, political commitment and humanitarian and economic support. As for Italy’s contribution, there have been 6 humanitarian flights and between Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September the first 2 flights with military supplies for Erbil arrived in Iraq”, continued the Minister.

The conclusions of the Paris summit

As noted in the closing document, participants underscored the “urgent need to remove Daech (ISIL) from the regions in which it has established itself in Iraq”. The document describes the terrorist organisation as a threat not only to Iraq but also to the entire international community. Participants “firmly believe that resolute action is necessary to eradicate Daech (ISIL), particularly measures to prevent radicalization, coordination between all security services and stricter border control. They welcomed the prospect of working on an action plan to combat terrorist financing”.

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