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Finmeccanica – talian excellence in high technology. Meeting at the Farnesina

The international outreach of Finmeccanica and the excellence of Italian technology in the sectors of helicopters, aerospace, defence and security were the focus of a meeting at the Farnesina today with the CEO of Finmeccanica, Mauro Moretti, and the foreign ambassadors accredited in Rome.

Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry Michele Valensise opened the sessions of an event that falls within the framework of the Farnesina’s efforts toward establishing dialogue between institutional and business spheres, within the context of the growing diplomatic commitment to the economy. “Support for global interests and for the internationalisation of Italian businesses lies at the foundation of the Farnesina’s efforts. Finmeccanica is the top Italian high-technology industrial group, and is an example of Italian and international excellence, with a strong presence on foreign markets with 64 production facilities operating in more than 20 countries”, Valensise underscored.

Moretti laid out the strategy of the group’s activities, also outlining a reorganisation under way along the lines of the “one company” model. He illustrated the group’s priorities and prospects, from its legacy of intellectual property to electronics to defence, and from helicopters to the upcoming convertiplane. Mentioned also was the dual application of Finmeccanica technologies, capable of offering both military and civilian products, particularly in sectors regarding agriculture, energy and space, in line with Italy’s foreign policy directives. The CEO also responded to questions and comments from the various foreign diplomatic mission heads.

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