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Dei – Albania: Milan-based Studio Boeri Awarded Contract to Develop Tirana’s New Masterplan

A consortium formed by UNLAB, Stefano Boeri’s Milan-based architecture firm and Inter.National.Design, a Dutch firm, won an international competition for drafting the new masterplan of Tirana. The new plan will be completed within the next five months. The process will include setting up an integrated database of the territory, developing the city’s territorial strategy, a metabolic analysis, a development plan, project implementation rules and an environmental impact study.

China: Precision Medicine Research Project kicks off
China announced that it will launch a major strategic national project of precision medicine, allocating more than $ 9 billion to the initiative over the next fifteen years. Precision medicine uses genetic data and health records of hundreds of thousands of people to tailor treatments to individual patients, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness. China’s competitive advantage arises from its having the world’s highest genome sequencing capacity thanks to the country’s private genomics firms and the formidable amount of data generated by its large patient populations. Data analysis for precision medicine will require the development of new technologies for the implementation of personalised care (big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things).

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