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Dei: Bolivia announces USD 48.5 billion national development plan

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced a 48.57 billion dollar national development plan. President Morales said the plan will be funded through national and foreign resources, aid from international cooperation and lines of credit with regional and international development banks.  Over 60% of the investments will be channelled to three priority areas: the hydrocarbon sector, infrastructure and energy. In particular, the hydrocarbon industry will receive 12.6 billion dollars, mainly for exploration and the research of deposits, extraction and treatment, processing and industrialization, and the construction of 446 km of pipelines. A total of 5.8 billion dollars will be funnelled into the energy sector to expand the industry’s installed capacity and to build 4,000 km of new power lines and new power stations. A total of 11.4 billion dollars will be invested in Bolivia’s infrastructure, mainly for its road, rail and airport networks. Finally investments will also be made in the health sector to create a public healthcare service and to build, revamp and provide equipment for 227 hospitals.

Slovenia: Yulon inaugurates new plant in Ljubljana

Yulon, a subsidiary of Aquafil Spa of Arco di Trento (Italy) specialising in the production of polyamide fibres for carpets from recycled fishing nets discarded in the oceans (under the Econyl brand), inaugurated a new plant in Ljubljana. The new system will convey thermal energy surpluses from the factory’s production process to the heating system of the Atlantis Water Park, the capital’s main wellness centre. The new Yulon unit will reduce CO2 emissions by over 2,000 tons per year.

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