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Malaysia – Italian film features in Malaysia’s European film festival

The 2016 activities of the Italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur will kick off on January 13 with a screening of the film “La nostra terra” (“Our Land”). The screening is part of the “Cinema in Europe” festival, which is dedicated to European films that shed light, through their stories, on life in the Old World countries. The films also reflect the contribution made by European cinema to the worldwide development of the Seventh Art in recent decades. “La nostra terra” is a 2014 comedy-drama directed by Giulio Manfredonia, who wrote the screenplay together with Fabio Bonifacci. The film, inspired by real events that took place in Mesagne, in Puglia, has an unusual take on the Mafia. Using sharp but subtle humour, it tells the story of “Libera”, an association engaged in the fight against the mafia thanks to a law on the social re-use of assets confiscated from organised crime, giving viewers a sense of redemption and hope.

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