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Casablanca – A 3D virtual tour of the architectures of ancient Rome

Casablanca has a rendezvous with history. On Thursday, 14 April, at 7:30 p.m. Professor Alessandro Furlan will guide the audience in the theatre of the Italian Consulate General on a virtual tour of the architectural landmarks of ancient Rome commissioned and built by several emperors. The walk through the Colosseum, around the Circus Maximus or among the statues and monuments built 2,000 years ago will be made possible by a series of 3D virtual images which will cast a glance inside the architectural structures of the monuments wanted by the Roman emperors. The event is organised by the Italian Consulate General in Casablanca and the Italian Institute of Culture in Rabat. A 3D bird’s-eye view of the ancient city will reveal the architectural plans, the construction and the development of the city’s masterplan which reflected the Empire’s great dream.

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