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Israel – Dance: ‘Folk-s, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ by Alessandro Sciarroni at Jerusalem’s Israel Festival

The Israeli premiere of Alessandro Sciarroni’s “Folk-s, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”at Jerusalem’s prestigious Israel Festival was all sold out. Sciarroni, an Italian performer, choreographer and director is quickly asserting himself on Europe’s modern dance scene.

«This dance will exist as long as one of you is left in the theatre and at least one of us is left on the stage. Whoever leaves will not be allowed back in». This is the opening line with which Folk-s, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? launched a contest of resistance between the audience and the six dancers of this popular non-dance show simply consisting of a choreographic sequence, which is repeated until the end of the physical and mental participation, based on the Schuhplattler, an ancient traditional Bavarian and Tyrolese folk dance.

The Israeli public greatly appreciated the show and its hypnotic charge, reacting to the stimuli of the performers, their looks and smiles, for as long as they had the strength to dance. Folk-s, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? arose from a reflection on how popular folk dance, after surviving contemporary dance, combines with modernity, creating a new rituality with a sound track made up of romantic music, British synth pop and hip-hop.  

Organised by the Israel Festival of Jerusalem in association with the IIC in Tel Aviv.

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