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Italian olive oil figures released at San Francisco event

Italy exports, on average, 130,000 tonnes of olive oil every year to the United States. Unaprol (Italy’s olive oil consortium of producers)  announced that the U.S. is the best market and is worth 1.3 billion euros in exports. San Francisco will host a event on one of the most popular products of Italian excellence. The event, “The Truth on Italian Olive Oil”, will take place at the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco on Tuesday, June 21, from 6.30 to 8.30 pm. It is part of the “Wine and Food Series” curated, for the institute, by Viola Buitoni and Orietta Gianjorio. Vistors will be able to expand their knowledge and appreciate the characteristics of this Iproduct. Answers to frequent asked questions will be provided, to dissolve doubts on how to recognise Italian olive oil, in the intensivem edia coverage on the product. “Come over with all your doubts and questions to learn how to use your visual, olfactory and taste perceptions and enjoy an excellent olive oil”, invited the  Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, It will go beyond a debate on tasting oil only. The event will include  a tasting session guided by Orietta Gianjorio, certified olive oil taster, and a conference with Italian food expert and trainer, Viola Buitoni. The debate will focus of the best uses of olive oil in cooking, according to its type and origin.


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