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Message of greetings by the Hon. Minister Angelino Alfano to the personnel of the Foreign Ministry serving in Italy and abroad

It is with a keen sense of honour and enthusiasm that I take office as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on the eve for a very important year for Italy at international level. In 2017 we will hold the Chair of the G7, sit on the UN Security Council, host the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and the summit on the Western Balkans Process, in addition to chairing the OSCE Mediterranean Group.

These engagements represent an extraordinary opportunity for our foreign policy and to promote the Italian vision, traditionally hinged on dialogue, the respect of human rights, and multilateralism, while giving strong momentum to the European project and transatlantic relations. Our engagements in 2017 will also enable us to put back at the centre of the international agenda the Mediterranean Region, a crossroads of conflicts and very complex political, humanitarian, and migration crises, but also a place of great opportunities, where to decide the common fate and destiny of Europe and Africa.   

Faced with a highly dynamic scenario and aware of the irreplaceable role of institutions in the Country’s foreign policy strategy, we are called on to make proposals on how to respond to the numerous multi-dimensional crises that, like never before, affect the lives of citizens: from terrorism, to immigration, trade, and environmental sustainability.

Following up on the work carried out by my predecessor, I intend to maximise the contribution of foreign policy to the action of the Government, especially in promoting innovation and in adopting common European migration policies, in addition to economic policies finally targeted on growth.

In pursuing these goals, I am certain to be able to count on the highly-qualified professionalism and the sense of State of all the personnel of the Foreign Ministry, who are engaged on a daily basis in promoting national interests and our businesses, as well as the safety of Italians, both in Rome and through our diplomatic Network abroad.

A special message of gratitude and encouragement should be addressed to the women and men serving the Foreign Ministry in the theatres of crisis, who tackle even larger risks and sacrifices.

I am convinced that, through teamwork and by fully sharing priorities and objectives, we will be able to assure the success of our diplomatic action and contribute to building a more stable and secure world.

I wish everybody the best possible success in their work!

Angelino Alfano