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Greece – Cinema, everything is ready for the “Il femminile che cambia” festival

Who says ‘woman’ says creativity, passion and talent. Who says ‘woman’ says love, wife and mother. Who says ‘woman’ says revolution, change and courage. Who says ‘woman’ says a lot of things and often it is the cinema that does the story-telling and the profiling of many of the characters drawn from the universe of women. The Italian Cultural Institute in Athens has decided to launch a special film festival dedicated to women in March entitled “Il femminile che cambia” (“Women on the verge of change”), which will run from Monday, 6 March to Monday, 3 April.

The Italian Cultural Institute (in Odòs Patission, 47) will screen the following films: La sedia della felicità (The Chair of Happiness by C. Mazzacurati, 2014), L’Accabadora (by E.Pau, 2015), Scusate se esisto (by R. Milano, 2014), Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue (White as Milk, Red as Blood by G.Campiotti, 2013) and L’Oriana (by M.Turco, 2015). The film festival explores the female nature on the verge of change, highlighting the numerous forms in which the female character expresses and reinvents itself in the most critical circumstances. All the characters of the films screened are in a decisive phase of their lives, which will turn out to be the place from which to try to relaunch themselves, experimenting a new way of existing in the world and among all the other people.

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