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Presentation of the 22th edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World

SLIM 2022
Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo (SLIM) 2022

The Director General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy, Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano, opens the presentation of the the 22th edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World.
The event is moderated by journalist Chiara Piotto, and is attended by young representatives of the world of culture, the arts, and communication who, in their specific field of competence, stand out for an innovative use of the Italian language also through digital tools. The event will close with remarks by the Principal Director for the Promotion of the Italian Culture and Language, Minister Plenipotentiary Alessandro De Pedys.

Every year, the Week celebrates the Italian Language in the world. Created in 2001 in association with the Accademia della Crusca, it is organised by the diplomatic and consular network and by the Italian Cultural Institutes with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Swiss Government, and the principal partners in the promotion of the Italian language.

Within the framework of the “European Year of Youth”, the theme of the 12th edition – which will be running from 17 to 23 October – will be “L’italiano e i giovani. Come scusa? Non ti followo”, with the aim of exploring the ways in which communication languages and tools are evolving across generations of digital natives, with a view to transmitting in Italy and abroad the image of a language – and with it of a Country – made strong through its past but at the same time flourishing and creative in the present.


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