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“The recent bombings that took the lives of dozens of people in Iraq deserve our firmest condemnation”, asserted Minister for Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi, according to whom, “those criminal and cowardly minds that strike during Ramadan, intending to break the pace of democratic institution-building in Iraq and undermine peaceful co-existence between the various components of the society, must not win”.

“Thanks not least to the support of the international community “ –  Terzi continued  –  “Iraq has made major advances in recent years, and undertaken a path of democracy and social and economic progress from which there is no turning back  ”.

“The tragic episodes of recent hours  – the foreign minister concluded  –  “convince us to intensify our commitment to support the Iraqi institutions and people, strengthening dialogue with Baghdad, intensifying economic cooperation between our two countries and further raising the profile of our relations with the Iraqi civil society, which Italy has long been committed to promoting. Just in the past few days, a group of 20 Iraqi journalists from various ethnic and religious minorities completed a training course in Rome funded by the foreign ministry in the context of a broad-based civil and economic reconstruction programme that Italy has been supporting since 2003”.