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Egypt: Bonino cites dramatic news pointing to human rights violations

Today has brought further news of violent clashes resulting in an increasingly heavy toll in human lives.

The news of the use of brutal and unacceptable force by the interim authorities is giving rise to an alarming picture of human rights violations in stark contrast with the government and army’s fundamental duty to protect its citizens and their places of worship, further clouding prospects for resumption of a democratic transition inclusive of all components of the Egyptian society.

The burden of responsibility falls also upon the Muslim Brotherhood, which must strive to halt the use of violence by extremist and sectarian factions.

Egypt’s stability is essential to that of the entire region. Europe must make its voice heard in a cohesive and credible manner. We continue in these hours to interface with our European partners on preparations for an extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council on the crisis in Egypt, which we trust will be scheduled without delay.

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