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Proposals set forth by Minister Moavero at the General Affairs Council

At today’s EU General Affairs Council, within the discussion of the so-called ‘strategic agenda’ of the European Union for the coming five years, Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi indicated “five possible priorities to meet the citizens’ expectations for which the added value of a European-wide action is clearly perceivable compared to the action of single member States”. For Minister Moavero Milanesi, the priorities are the following: “regulating migration flows through a structured common policy also providing for relevant investments in the Countries of origin of migrants, an equitable sharing of the burden among the EU member States and agreements signed by the Union for the so-called ‘repatriations’ of those not entitled to asylum; security, through an articulate cooperation between the competent organisations of the States and a common foreign policy made more effective through an agreement between governments enabling decisions to be passed with a majority instead of only with unanimity; protecting the environment and initiatives targeting climate change and in favour of the circular economy, to foster the health of citizens and of the territory; overcoming economic, social and taxing asymmetries within the European Union thanks to appropriate EU legislative provisions and investments aimed at favouring European competitiveness and the creation of stable jobs; boosting democracy by enhancing the role of the European Parliament and, in particular, through an inter-institutional agreement with the Commission to give the Parliament the right of legislative initiative.”