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Minister Moavero’s reply to Minister Salvini

In his reply to the letter from the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, agreed on the goal of making the system to repatriate migrants who have not been recognised the right of asylum more effective. He also pointed out that it could be useful to include a clause to encourage repatriations in bilateral repatriation agreements, by leveraging development cooperation funds to allocate them to the migrants’ States of origin.

In particular, the Foreign Ministry deems it advisable to resort to supplemental forms of bonuses for the States that are most cooperative and compliant in welcoming back their emigrated citizens. The Minister also recalled that the main objective of cooperation actions, namely to help the development of beneficiary Countries, is consistent with the aim of reducing migration flows because the improvement of socio-economic conditions curbs or eliminates the reasons for which so many migrants leave their Countries of origin.  

Lastly, in order to contribute to the reasoning on the initiatives to be taken in respect of migration flows, which fall within the scope of competence of several ministries, Minister Moavero said he agreed with systematically coordinating the Government’s actions.

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