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EU-USA, Scalfarotto: “It’s time to revive relations”

Deputy Minister Ivan Scalfarotto attended an informal meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council (Trade) held today by video conference. In thanking the German Presidency and the Executive Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Trade Dombrovskis for their work, the Deputy Minister immediately noted that the outcome of the United States presidential election could give new momentum to EU-US relations and to increased international trade cooperation. On the Commission’s Regulation on tariffs relating to the Boeing subsidy dispute, the Deputy Minister stressed that “The imposition of tariffs by the European Union, recognised by the WTO ruling, is a step that needed to be taken, pending negotiations with the United States on an equal footing. We are well aware that tariffs are damaging to all parties and, precisely for this reason, we need to relaunch the transatlantic trade partnership as soon as possible, along the lines of free trade and multilateralism, also according to the rules of the World Trade Organisation”. During the discussion, Deputy Minister Scalfarotto also expressed Italy’s strong support for extending the safeguard measures to defend the European steel industry and reiterated the urgency of building the necessary consensus on the complex process of institutional reform of the WTO, starting with the appointment of the new Director General. In conclusion, with reference to the investment negotiations between the EU and China, Deputy Minister Scalfarotto stressed that, in view of reaching such an important deal, it would be essential to secure an adequate level of market access for our investors, guarantee reciprocity for our companies operating in China with Chinese operators investing in Europe, and ensure a high level of ambition for the chapter on Trade and Sustainable Development.