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Justice; Sereni, promoting ‘legal’ diplomacy

“Italy firmly believes that more women in the judicial institutions is essential not only to ensure that they enjoy democratic freedoms and equal opportunities at work, but also to ensure that women’s interests are represented in and furthered by these institutions”, said the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Sereni during her talks today, at the Foreign Ministry, with the Director General of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) Jan Beagle.

“The objective of the 2030 Agenda,” Ms. Sereni continued, “is to foster the creation of societies at the global level that live in peace and according to a sustainable model, but this can only be achieved if we are able to make progress in fundamental areas like justice, human rights and legal responsibility, without neglecting the Covid-19-dominated context in which we are required to operate. Therefore,” said the Vice Minister, “we consider it very important to work together with an organisation such as IDLO, in the field of ‘legal diplomacy’, which aims at legal harmonisation and which is now also being extended to programmes for strengthening the rule of law, justice and security. We are pleased that IDLO will participate as an observer in the three annual meetings of the Italian-led G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group and that it has also agreed on a project with FAO which, as part of the Food Coalition, aims to push countries and multilateral organisations to increase their efforts to define the right to adequate food through precise legal frameworks for food security and nutrition. I am sure,” Ms. Sereni concluded, “that we will continue to work together in this as in other areas, especially in the difficult situation caused by the pandemic.”