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Iran: Sereni, fundamental to relaunch nuclear deal

” The JCPoA, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, as the monitoring of the International Atomic Energy Agency has shown, has proved effective for nuclear non-proliferation and security in the Middle East region”, stated the Vice Foreign Minister Marina Sereni at the panel of the conference The State of The Union dedicated to the theme: “Engaging Iran – European and transatlantic perspectives on the JCPOA and security in the Gulf”. The event was promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and ISPI as part of MED-Dialogues 2021.

“For these reasons, we welcome – continued Sereni – the fact that both the United States and Iran have stated their intention to return to the Agreement and its full application. Also, from this point of view, the new approach of the Biden administration confirms the realignment between the two sides of the Atlantic on crucial issues. The sequence of measures to restore the JCPoA represents the most delicate point on which diplomacy must be exercised. Some recent Iranian decisions on the nuclear program, unfortunately, risk jeopardizing the possible progress of the negotiations. Effective dialogue requires a clear political will on Iran to comply with the obligations arising from the JCPoA fully. In this context, the Vice Minister – the EU is playing an important role in safeguarding and relaunching the Agreement. Italy strongly supports the efforts of the High Representative Borrell as coordinator of the JCPoA”.

“The resumption of a dialogue between Iran and the United States – explained Sereni – would certainly have a positive impact on all the regional crisis contexts, from Yemen to the tensions in the Gulf, from Syria to Iraq. However, there are encouraging signs that suggest possible new prospects for dialogue in the area, such as reconciliation in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Abrahamic Agreements. We also observe interesting interlocution attempts between Iran and the Gulf monarchies. Geopolitical stability, sustainable management of resources, freedom and security of trade and navigation, not to mention the need to respond together to global challenges, beginning with the pandemic, are shared interests and objectives for all. In this context – concluded Sereni – a full return to the Iranian nuclear agreement would be a vital injection of confidence for the future of the Middle East area”.

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