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Foreign Ministry Note – Vice Minister Sereni meets the Honduras Foreign Minister, Rosales Banegas

Meeting at the Foreign Affairs Ministry between Vice Minister Marina Sereni and the Honduras Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales Banegas, on a visit to Rome. The discussion centred on reflecting on how to effectively deal with the negative impact of climate change, highlighted in a most dramatic way by the devastation caused last November in Honduras, by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

V.M Sereni took note of the fact that, “Often the climate challenge has a heavy impact on Countries who only play a small part in these negative phenomena, and so containing and preventing them must be dealt with at a global level”. In this regard, the Vice Minister reiterated that the Italian presidency of the G20 intends “to focus on safeguarding the planet – a question that is a priority for all, and which will play a primary role on the agenda of the two events to be held in the coming months in Italy: the preparatory meeting for the COP26, planned for 30 September – 1 October in Milan, and the 10th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference, to be held in Rome on 25 and 26 October”.

Another matter dealt with is combating Covid-19, as the Central American Country is finding it difficult to obtain vaccines for their citizens. “Italy”, explained V.M. Sereni, “is involved in the international mechanisms for combating the pandemic, especially in the Covax Facility, an international programme for access to the vaccine. Our Country sees this as the most suitable tool for providing safe vaccines, fairly, all over the world”. In this regard, the Vice Minister referred to the Euro 300 million announced by Prime Minister Draghi at the Global Health Summit, precisely to increase Italy’s commitment to the Covax Facility.

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