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Undersecretaries Manlio Di Stefano and Benedetto Della Vedova preside over the “Cultural Industry” Sectorial Table

Undersecretaries Manlio Di Stefano and Benedetto Della Vedova presided this morning at the Table devoted to the cultural industry, attended virtually by representatives of the cultural and creative production system.

The meeting was one of a series of Sectorial Tables organized by the associations of producers and other categories, for the purpose of gathering ideas and suggestions in view of the upcoming meeting of the Steering Committee for Internationalization and Promotional Programming of the ICE agency for the next two years.

“Our commitment to communicate with the associations of the various business categories is fundamental for coordination of the strategy of internationalization and promotion that the government is engaged in, through the consular diplomatic network, with the ICE offices and the Italian Institutes of Culture. In particular, the cultural sector is a channel that has historically been one of the most effective for spreading Italy’s public relations message abroad, and for this reason we will continue to support it as part of our promotional strategy.”– Undersecretary Di Stefano announced in his opening remarks.

“Listening to the many voices in the world of culture and creativity is vitally important for us: this sector is not only important economically, with about 85 billion euro of value added in 2020 and almost 1.5 million people employed, but it also has a concrete and significant impact on the image of Italy in the world”, added Della Vedova. “The cultural and creative organizations of Italy have a strong international projection and have to be an essential part of our integrated promotion, as an exceptional instrument of soft power, capable of bringing the richness and multifaceted character of Italian excellence to audiences worldwide”.

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