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The Farnesina hosts a Seminar on International Indices and Reputation

Today the Farnesina hosted a Seminar on the relationship between the image projected by individual Countries and their respective positioning in the principal international rankings, also through a comparison between different national, local and business reputational strategy models.

Hinging on the presentation of the “Global attractiveness index 2018’ (GAI), developed by The European House-Ambrosetti, the conference entitled “Indices and Reputation: Comparing Attractiveness Strategies” explores the ways of projecting an image of Italy that best expresses its macroeconomic context in order to attract the interest of investors by putting in place a system-wide action aimed at comprehensively improving its positioning in the principal international rankings.

The conference will open with remarks by the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Manlio Di Stefano, who will be followed by senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Bank of Italy, ICE-Agency and Confindustria. The GAI Report will be presented by Valerio de Molli, CEO of The European House-Ambrosetti. 

In a scenario of growing international competition, today more than ever it is necessary to promote the Country’s image and Brand Italy as the instrument to boost the national economy. Italy’s image abroad constitutes an intangible asset of incalculable value which is decisive in enhancing Italy’s competitiveness on global markets.

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