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The Farnesina Collection: “Spazi d’Artista” with Licia Galizia

The latest new episode of the “Spazi d’Artista” web series, the video series focusing on ten artists from the Farnesina Collection, is available online. These are episodes – created in collaboration with Artribune – that recount the stories and faces of the artists, their professional careers, and the relationship with the ateliers in which they operate.



This episode is dedicated to Licia Galizia, whose works combine painting and sculpture, in search of a linear and dynamic sign. In particular, Galicia creates three-dimensional structures that interact with the public and require active participation. They can be reconfigured repeatedly by moving the elements of which they consist.


galizia lucia rotoli dittico

Licia Galizia, Rotoli (2004)


Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila, Galicia has exhibited in important museums and galleries in Italy (Rome, Venice, L’Aquila) and around the world (Cairo, Paris, San Paolo, New Delhi).


galizia lucia asole


Licia Galizia, Asole (2007)


Rotoli (2004) and Asole (2007) are in the Farnesina Collection.


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