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Della Vedova to UN, information to be reliable and factual

Deputy Minister Benedetto Della Vedova participated, on the sidelines of the ministerial segment of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations, in the ministerial meeting of the “Community of Democracies” on the tenth anniversary of the “Warsaw Declaration”.

“Today, more than ever, it is important to uphold the Warsaw Declaration and reaffirm our full commitment to its values”began the Deputy Minister. “Our democracies are facing unprecedented challenges, some of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic and its broader consequences. New technologies and crises such as those arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed States even more to hybrid threats, such as those arising from cross-border malignant influences. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of having access to reliable, fact-based information: misleading or false information has the potential to put lives at risk.”

“As always in such circumstances, there are groups that are particularly vulnerable and to whom specific attention needs to be paid,” he continued. – continued Della Vedova – “The COVID-19 health emergency, as well as the measures taken to combat the pandemic, are also exacerbating the situation of vulnerability that many people – including women and children, LGBTI persons, people with disabilities, the elderly – were already facing previously, exposing them to increasing incidents of domestic violence and abuse.”

“Italy firmly believes that only when human rights are fully guaranteed to all, societies can be truly peaceful, resilient and sustainable” concluded the Deputy Minister.”The current pandemic demonstrates once again the crucial role of reliable, efficient and well-coordinated multilateral institutions and international cooperation in addressing common global threats.”