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Tajani: « Florence, European Capital. Here the roots of dialogue» (La Nazione Firenze)

Today Mayor Dario Nardella will hand over the keys of the city to Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, who will also hold a lecture-meeting at the European University Institute.

«I will hand over the keys to the Minister for his commitment as President of the European Parliament to spreading European values. Values in which the city of Florence strongly believes». This recognition is «also a stimulus so that the Minister can increasingly promote a culture of dialogue with other European countries, as well as a policy of integration, and can also support cities in their cooperation activities in which Florence is one of the protagonists».

Minister Tajani recognises this role for Florence: «The history of Florence over the centuries bears witness to its cosmopolitan and open-minded spirit. Giorgio La Pira was the genuine expression of this spirit» – the Minister emphasises. «Unite cities to unite nations» – said La Pira – for whom «the peoples of the Mediterranean have a common destiny, whether they want it or not». His contribution to the dialogue between peoples, his conception of the value and dignity of the person, and his relentless search for peace represent a spiritual and political legacy that must be preserved, and which perfectly corresponds to our way of relating to Mediterranean peoples and countries». Florence is a candidate to be the capital of international dialogue. The Foreign Minister also believes so: «I am honoured to receive the keys of Florence, a city that gives prestige to our country in the world for its beauty, history and culture. Florence well represents and interprets Italy’s vocation to be a protagonist of peace at the international level».

Ireland has been given the green light by the EU authorities for placing health warning labels on the bottles of wine and spirits. A measure that has caused a strong reaction from the Italian government and Minister Tajani, in particular. In Tuscany there is concern about the measure: «I consider Ireland’s decision an unfair one, which ignores the difference between moderate consumption and alcohol abuse. If drunk moderately, wine is not harmful, and numerous studies prove so. This is my fight. I also talked about it with my Irish colleague, explaining to him how dangerous the Irish message in favour of the Nutri-Score system is. It is an instrument that we strongly oppose».

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