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Lisbon: more than 120 companies at the Embassy webinar

schermata 2020-04-29

About 120 companies participated in the webinar organised by the Italian Embassy in Lisbon yesterday, together with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, in cooperation with ICE agency. An initiative addressed to Italian companies already operating in Portugal, but also to the entrepreneurs’ community willing to assess the Portuguese market attractiveness from Italy.

“Through our seminar we wanted to provide participants with all the useful information, in a transparent and clear way, to consciously evaluate a possible orientation on this market,” Ambassador Carlo Formosa stated in his opening speech, entitled “the Italian System in support to the Italian business community towards Portugal”.

Authoritative speakers followed one another in deepening the conditions and prospects of driving sectors for the country, in light of the impact that the COVID-19 emergency will have on the economic fundamentals of Portugal. They also analysed the tools available to entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the facilities provided by Italian and Portuguese regulations, including in terms of credit instruments guaranteed by the respective Governments.

“In general, the overall political-economic framework of Portugal was analysed, with specific focus on the country’s leading sectors, tourism, agri-food, real estate, also looking at the fundamental lines drawn by the Government to face this emergency with good prospects of a positive restart”, Ambassador Formosa pointed out at the end of the seminar, thanking the Italian and Portuguese speakers.

The moderator of the webinar, the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, Santi Cianci, finally summarised the collected data and remarked the participants were really satisfied, as they remained over 100 until the end of the event.


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