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Abu Dhabi, solo exhibition of Italian-Lebanese artist Gilbert Halaby

Abu Dhabi, mostra personale dell’artista italo-libanese Halaby
Abu Dhabi, mostra personale dell’artista italo-libanese Halaby

In collaboration with ArtBooth UAE, the Italian Cultural Institute of Abu Dhabi inaugurated “Will You Wait For Me Under That Pine Tree?”, the solo exhibition of Italian-Lebanese artist Gilbert Halaby, which will remain open until 29 February. The exhibition, featuring 13 oil paintings on linen, pays homage to Gilbert Halaby’s roots and traces the serene landscapes of his village. With their unmistakable character and charm, the houses testify to the artist’s deep connection with the place he calls home, overlooked by a majestic pine tree.

Halaby employs primary, vibrant colours because that is what he wants to share about his childhood – the colourful memories, not the dark ones of war. His brushstrokes give life to the intricate textures and play of light and shadow within each composition. The careful layering of oil paint creates a sense of depth and movement; in particular, the small light houses evoke a sense of deep nostalgia.

Gilbert Halaby was born in 1979 in a village in Mount Lebanon. He has always loved painting and was fascinated by the beauty of the natural landscape of the mountains from an early age. After studying archaeology at the University of Beirut, he moved to Rome in 2003. In 2023, he debuted with his solo exhibition “Domus Berytus” at the “Beit Beirut Museum”. His second solo exhibition took place in his adopted city, Rome, with the title “Une Comédie Romaine”. He says of himself, “Everything became possible thanks to my move to Rome; I was back in Lebanon with my houses and my pine trees, because I was able to find my new home in the eternal city, where I could pursue my passion and love for painting”.

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