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Photos by John R. Pepper on display in Riga

Riga, in mostra le fotografie di John Randolph Pepper
Riga, in mostra le fotografie di John Randolph Pepper

The exhibition “Italy, 40 Years: 1970-2010” by Italian photographer John Randolph Pepper is being held at the Art Academy of Latvia. The exhibition – an initiative by the Italian Embassy in Riga – invites visitors on a journey through Italy from the post-war period to the recent past, from 1970 to 2010.

The story of the photographs on display begins in 1970, when Pepper was gifted his first Pentax camera by his father. After two years spent training under the famous Italian photographer Ugo Mulas, he begins his journey in photography: on the streets, the young photographer captures moments of everyday life, architecture and landscapes.

John R. Pepper’s shots are a testament to his deep respect for Italian culture and its values, always focusing on human relationships: family, friendship, the joy of living.

“Contemporary photography both documents and narrates modern Italy, successfully capturing its essence”, stressed Alessandro Monti, Ambassador of Italy to Latvia. “Through the lens of talented photographers like Pepper, Italy’s unique mosaic of culture, society and everyday life comes to life, offering a new perspective on its ever-evolving narrative. This is why we wanted to bring Pepper’s exhibition to Riga: it is an invitation for the Latvian public to immerse in the Italian culture”, he added.

“Each one of us is the main character of their own life. We are all vulnerable. We are all heroes. We are all human beings. Here lies the miracle. Passion, strength, weakness, joy, innocence, sadness, violence, tragedy: the uniqueness of human beings lies in their contradictions. For this reason, I try to get close and photograph their eyes – their eyes watching me watching them. For a moment, it is as if they reveal their soul to me and I am allowed to capture a fragment of it. In doing so, I briefly get to understand their personality – and my own”, commented John R. Pepper.

John R. Pepper was born in Rome in 1958 and graduated in Art History from Princeton, USA, in 1976. Besides photography, he works as a theatre and film director. He has organised exhibitions in Europe, America and the Middle East.

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