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Avviso per la raccolta di progetti congiunti di ricerca nell’ambito del Programma Esecutivo di Cooperazione Scientifica e Tecnologica tra Italia e Repubblica Popolare Cinese – NSFC per il periodo 2023 – 2025

La Direzione Generale per la promozione del Sistema Paese, Ufficio IX del MAECI, invita a presentare proposte di progetti congiunti di Grande Rilevanza nelle seguenti aree tematiche:

  • Environment and Energy
    • Environment with particular reference to air, water and soil pollution and remediation
    • Energy with reference to renewable energies and advanced distributed generation
  • Sustainable Urbanization and Smart Cities
    • green transportation and urban mobility
  • Agrifood
    • food quality and safety through innovative scientific models of evaluation and monitoring
  • Life Sciences, Health and Wellness
    • risk factor analysis in healthcare and studies on the impact of viral diseases on populations
  • Interdisciplinary projects to be performed on LargeItalian and Chinese research infrastructures[1]

[1]The Research infrastructures located in Italy or in the P.R. China suitable for this call are facilities, resources and services that are used by the research communities to conduct research and foster innovation in their fields. They include major scientific equipment (or sets of instruments), knowledge-based resources such as collections, archives and scientific data, e-infrastructures, such as data and computing systems and communication networks and any other tools that are essential to achieve excellence in research and innovation.