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Beware of fraud!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of numerous attempts of fraud by people using the distinctive symbols of international organisations or claiming to be their representatives. In some cases, they even create websites that resemble official websites. Such individuals aim to obtain money or confidential information, which can lead to outright “identity theft”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore urges all those interested in international careers to pay particular attention to suspicious vacancy notices.

It should be noted that no international organisation asks for money in advance for an interview, to initiate a recruitment procedure, to obtain a visa or to advance hotel expenses; no organisation invites people to sign employment contracts who have not first passed some form of selection (written tests, interviews at least by telephone); international organisations do not ask for information on bank accounts, offer prizes or scholarships or hold lotteries by e-mail, post or fax.

In all these cases, and should you have serious doubts about the authenticity of a vacancy notice, we urge you not to continue with the selection process and to inform the organisation apparently involved and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you have been the victim of deception, you should immediately file a complaint with the Postal Police.