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Pakistan: the Jahanabad Buddha restored

The Jahanabad Buddha is coming back to life thanks to Italy, with funds from the Pakistan debt conversion. The restoration of the 6th-7th century A.D. statue is being done by ISIAO (Italian institute for Asia and the Orient) in partnership with the province of Khyber Pakthunkwa and the collaboration of non-governmental organisation ISCOS-CISL.

At the moment consolidation of the portion damaged by the Taliban in 2007 has been completed, and a second phase is scheduled for the autumn.

Restoration of the Buddha is part of the “Archaeology, Community, Tourism – Field School” project that also includes restoration of the Museum of Swat, the Stupa of Saidu Sharif, excavation of the ancient city of Bazira (4th century B.C.), the Stupa of Amluk-Darà, the Stupa of Gumbat and conservation of the Ghaznavide Mosque (10th century A.D.) of Udegram. The mission also trains excavation and restoration personnel and guides.