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Cultural Diplomacy in the field with Destinazione Italia

A cultural diplomacy directed at building foreign confidence in our country – this is the challenge launched by Destinazione Italia, the Italian government’s plan for attracting foreign investments, and to which the foreign ministry and the diplomatic network are pivotal.

Foreign investments museum and restoration industries

Among its 50 proposals, the plan suggests attracting foreign investment in our museum and restoration sectors, an area in which we boast world prominence. The programme envisages the possibility of experimenting with the administration of cultural treasures by private and third sector operators. This would also include the management of artistic patrimony not currently on display that, instead of being stored in warehouses, could be used an a tool for promoting Italy. Indeed, a 2009 national statistics institute (ISTAT) analysis revealed that, out of 3,400 Italian museums, 525 display between 1 and 25 per cent of the treasures in their possession, 937 between 25 and 75 per cent and the remaining 1,928 between 76 and 100 per cent.

Culture makes for a great competitive edge

Italy boasts the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites (49). Our combined history, culture and art, in all its forms, can help to foster development, becoming an engine for business and incubator for innovation. Culture arguably makes the greatest contribution to giving our country a competitive edge, and yet we are far from fully tapping its potential. That’s where Destinazione Italia comes in.

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