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The UN to come: “Romun2015” concluding ceremony

The 2015 edition of “Romun” came to a close today at the Italian foreign ministry in Rome. This youth-oriented simulation of the workings of the UN was promoted by the SIOI and the diplomatic missions of the United States in Italy and to the UN in Rome. More than 500 young people participated in five days of negotiations aimed at sending a message to the world’s leaders: listen to our version of the facts. The delegates delivered a final resolution, entitled “Youth Road Map”, to the foreign ministry’s Secretary General Michele Valensise, who pledged it would be submitted to the attention of Ban Ki-moon. Present at the ceremony were SIOI President Franco Frattini and cultural attaché to the U.S. embassy in Italy Stephen Labensky. “You have contributed to world leadership”, former foreign minister Frattini told the young people. “What you have done over these past days has not been a game, but a true effort that does not end here today”. In the course of his speech, Secretary General Valensise pointed out that Italy “is in the forefront in the promotion of human rights and is the top Western contributor to United Nations peacekeeping missions”.