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Haifa – Cinema and history, “Rinascere in Puglia: Shores of Light, Salento 1945-47”

Between 1945 and 1947 thousands of Jews who survived the Holocaust found refuge and safety in Apulia. Several hundred children were born in the Salento region but shortly after left for Israel, leaving behind their fleetingly Italian origins. Shuni, Esther and Rivka, “three daughters of the South of Italy”, are the main characters in a documentary entitled “Rinascere in Puglia – Shores of Light (Salento 1945-47)”, written and directed by Yael Katzir, which tells the story of the three women’s return to Italy after many years. Moving across the marvellous settings of Santa Maria di Leuca and the small neighbouring towns, the women pursue their search for information, testimonials and written and photographic documents that can contribute to retracing the story of their childhood.

“Rinascere in Puglia: Shores of Light, Salento 1945-47”

We discover, through this interesting archive material, that Jewish refugees found a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the Apulia Region. The locals helped them integrate into the community, with doctors and nuns assisting in the delivery of their children and in raising them. The docu-film will be screened on Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 7pm at the Haifa Cinematheque (Shderot HaNassì 140 – Haifa). Yael Katzir, the documentary director, born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1942, will be present at the screening. She is the author of many documentaries: Jasmine (2000), Shivah for My Mother (2004), Praying in Her Own Voice (2007) and Violins in Wartime (2011). The event has been organised in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute of Haifa.

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