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Kyoto – Panta Rei, the Collettivo C13 on show at Task Museum

(18 luglio 2016). From August 6 to 30, Tokyo’s Task Museum will host the exhibition entitled “Panta Rei”, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka in partnership with the Task Museum. “Panta Rei” is an aphorism attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus which means “everything flows”, which means that it is impossible to dive twice into the same river because everything is subjected to the law of change. The expression reflects the awareness of an ephemeral Nature, in a world characterized by constant transformations. The exhibition’s itinerary expresses the appeal of Nature’s transience and apparent immobility through the language of ceramics. On display will be works by the artists belonging to the Collettivo C13 group (Stefano Giglio, Elena Lombardi and Matteo Bagolin) and by Japanese artists Yumiko Murata, Aya Yamamoto, Yoshiko Oshima, Hiroko Hatabu, Hitomi Iwasaki, Rie Miyatake, Masatoshi Takamori and Yukio Yoshida. On 5 August Stefano Giglio, Elena Lombardi and Rie Miyatake, accompanied by Maestro Shogoro Nomura, will be interviewed by journalist Kazuko Nakajima on RadiosakuraFM radio station.    

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