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Australia – Piero Addis and his shoots from high above in the exhibition “Blue Codes blue”

The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney will host “Blue Codes blue” by Piero Addis. The exhibition, running from 6 October to 3 November, is curated by David Galloway and comprised of 10 works rivisited in blue specifically for Sydney. The “Blue Codes” can be traced back to the tradition of the sketchbooks in which travelling artists recorded their impressions throughout the centuries. Like Addis, Tiepolo was a traveller who worked on commission across Italy, but painted some of his most beautiful frescos in Wurzburg and Madrid. The colour blue is a key to these works, raising the viewer’s gaze above the dull everyday world and guiding it towards the sky. The artist’s ’ Blue Codes’ on show in the exhibition relate to the flights Addis has taken in recent years: “LH3959” refers to a flight from Milan to Frankfurt, “AF511” Damascus-Paris, and “SU279” Moscow-Milan. During these flights he took photos of the sky from the window of the plane which he later blended with “heavenly” scenes from Tiepolo’s paintings.

Addis’ 10 artworks show a mix of techniques and are dominated by the colour blue. They represent a kind of modern digital rococ’, which is deeply rooted in esthetic tradition. The exhibition, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Boga Foundation – DHL International, will open on 6 October at 6 p.m. in the presence of the artist.

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