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Week of the Italian Language in the World – Events scheduled on 19 October

“Passions and Dreams of Italian Fashion” – Belgrade


The exhibition “Passions and Dreams of Italian Fashion”, organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade, offers visitors a journey across the history of Italian Fashion starting from the 1950s, when a new creative process was set in motion leading to the development of a unique style. Twenty-two creations by Italy’s most famous designers will be displayed at the Princess Ljubica’s Palace in the Serbian capital. Each piece celebrates the great Italian gift of blending creativity, craftsmanship and experimentation with technology and innovative materials. 

Round Table on cooperation and irony in industrial design (Munich)

monaco design

Designers Matteo Ragni and Giulio Iacchetti, both winners of the Compasso D’oro Award in 2001 and 2014 respectively, are the panelists of a round table organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Munich and chaired by writer Marco Montemarano.
The panel focuses on the central theme of the creation of a design project, between cooperation and irony, exploring the changes occurring in the relationship between design and the artisanal world. 

Madrid talks about ethics and poetics in marketing


Giuseppe Morici, author of a book entitled “Fare marketing rimanendo brave persone”, is to deliver a lecture on a potential and original “Italian way” to marketing, which can be seen as a narration experience within an ethical dimension and in accordance with clients and consumers.

The event is hosted by the Itaian Cultural Institute in Madrid.

The play “Il coraggio del Proprio tempo” opens in Dublin


The Italian Cultural Institute in Dublin has organized the staging of a show illustrating the political and cultural atmosphere during Fascism. The text of the play (letters, features and archive material) is integrated with videos and photographs from that time.

It tells the story of Rationalism in Italy, and the key-role played by Milan, the city of the Expo. It is also the story of the people who fought against a totalitarian regime to establish a Movement that could lead to social redemption, sometimes paying with their lives for their choice of freedom.

Italian style & brands. Italian spirit and italianisation (Wirtschaft Universitat – Vienna)


Everything revolving around the concept of “brand Italy” is going to be discussed from a language and an economic point of view, with special focus on the role of the Italian language in trade. The debate will focus on comparative advantages of the Italian economy in its classical sectors such as agrifood, furnishing, automotive and steel,  clothing and fashion, as well as the country-of-origin effect in the marketing of products made in Italy. Special attention will also be paid to Italian brands and the way they have become ambassadors of excellence of these sectors. A variety of language issues related to trademarks and the italianisation of commercial names by Austrian and German companies will also be discussed.


Daniele Balicco’s new book presented in Washington

washington desgin

Daniele Balicco will present his new book “Made in Italy and Culture: Survey on the Italian contemporary identity,” at the Italian Cultural Institute, in conversation with Jhumpa Lahiri and Gianni Cicali. The book, edited by Balicco, compiles twenty-two studies on contemporary Italian culture and shows how the so-called brand “Made in Italy” transformed Italy into a country capable of asserting itself on the international market as the essence of enjoyable modernity.


Gio Ponti ‘Domus’ today. From Milan to the world and back (Stockholm)


The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm will host a lecture on ‘Domus’, the magazine Gio Ponti published for the first time on 15 January 1928 in Milan.

From its very beginning, Domus became a reference point for interior design and larger projects as well. Today, in its different editions (five international editions) Domus is considered to be one of the most respected and authoritative magazines in the field. Architect Andrea Zamboni will engage in a lively dialogue with those present at the meeting. He is a member of the study centre of Domus whose editor-in-chief is Nicola di Battista.