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France – Art and science, an App puts Earth in contact with Space

“Arte Spazio Immagine. L’importanza dell’immagine nella scienza e nell’arte” (“Art Space Image. The importance of images in science and art”) is the title of the meeting to be held on 24 April at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. The event, promoted under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Paris and sponsored by the National Certifying Body of Planning and Landscape Architects and Restorers (P.P.C.) of Rome and the surrounding province, by the Biennale of Public Space and the Department of Civil and Environmental Civil Engineering and Mechanics of the University of Trento, will focus on the relationship between art and science based on images, which play an essential role in communication in our contemporary society. The meeting point lies in the sector of scientific representation and design, graphics and the image as used in art and science, and then stretches out to communication, social networks and the field of collective works of art. It is set out to be an exclusive event thanks to the presence of painter Michelangelo Pistoletto, the President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) Roberto Battiston and the Head of the Cabinet of the European Spatial Agency, Elena Grifoni Winter. The highlight of the meeting will be the presentation of the SPAC3 App, an app associated with the VITA Space Mission launched by ASI/NASA with ESA’s Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. The SPAC3 App will not only allow the download of images from the space mission but also the upload of images from Earth, to be combined with the photos taken by Nespoli in outer space within the symbol of infinity, the logo developed by Pistoletto for the ESA mission. This open and shared image transmission project will go to form a collective work of art, a remote dialogue and a universally developed dynamic project.

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